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Home Care Services


1:1 Care

Depending on the level of your needs we are able to provide a care worker to provide one to one care service tailored to your needs. If required, we are also able to provide two care workers to provide double handed care for people who have a high level of needs.


Personal Care

Our personal care services involve support to have a wash or bath or shower including support to cream, manage continence issues, dress up and get ready for the day. We are also able to prompt or administer medication during personal care visits.


Decluttering/Spring cleaning

We provide de-cluttering and spring-cleaning services and help you to maintain a clean, tidy and clutter-free living environment. We work closely with you on items and possessions you wish to keep and advise on proper storage of items.

Support with nutrition

We assist you to maintain regular and adequate levels of food and fluid intake ensuring you take your meals at a time of your preference with acceptable levels of fluid intake especially during the hot summer months whilst at the same time observing and monitoring for signs of ill-health or infection.